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Branded Run

I’m in the process of moving forward, as soon as I can get up from here.

Partner with us, and give “I Feel You” to people who may be looking for help.

Our goal is to make I Feel You accessible to as many grieving people as possible, at no cost to them when we can. We believe that by partnering with hospitals, grief centers, counselors, religious groups and/or any other organization that helps people recognize and work through the sometimes overwhelming process of grief, that we can make this an attainable goal.

A Branded Run is a partnership with a service organization where information about the services they provide will be included in the book on last two pages. This can include their logo, contact info and web address, along with a description of the types of grief or other counseling they may provide. The books will be delivered to the entity to be distributed however they determine.

A Branded Run will be printed in lots of 200.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring a Branded Run, please contact us.

“Armando, all I can say is I love it. It’s very thoughtful. You help identify thoughts through your illustrations and words that those experiencing grief may not be able to put a finger on. And it could also be the identifier to help them reach out for counseling or community. Thanks for sharing my friend!”