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Memorial Sponsorship Run

Grief is big. Some days I feel like I’ve got a handle on it, and “it” is almost done, then other days I just need a place to sit down and wait.

Memorialize a loved one, and give “I Feel You” to other grieving people.

Our goal is to make I Feel You accessible to as many grieving people as possible, at no cost to them when we can. We believe that by partnering with hospitals, grief centers, counselors, religious groups and/or any other organization that helps people recognize and work through the sometimes overwhelming process of grief, that we can make this an attainable goal.

Another way that individuals can help is by sponsoring a short run of books. This is a Memorial Sponsorship Run.

Individuals can help by sponsoring a short run of books. This is a Memorial Sponsorship Run that is printed in memory of a loved one. An original illustration of the memorialized loved one will be created as part of the run.

The run is 100 books, and the dedication page will include the original illustration by Armando of the loved one you are memorializing. The sponsor will also receive 10 copies of their memorial run to share with their friends and family.

The remaining 90 books will be given away either directly, or through our website. $5 S&H is the only cost for books when ordered through our gift program. A memorial run costs $350 per 200 books. This covers the cost of printing, taxes and shipping.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Memorial Run, please contact us.

You’ve really captured the feeling of unshakable grief with these simple illustrations… Grief comes from love, and love will overcome grief…in time