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The Gift

Things I’ve learned that helped me see grief as a precious gift: Grief is love. This was the shift for me. It sounds like an inspirational cliché, but it’s true, and when I finally allowed the truth of it to change my mind, it changed my perspective. Empathy is powerful. I’ve heard the term “miseryContinue reading “The Gift”


This is my 100th illustration dealing with grief. For me, balance started to seem attainable when I learned that grief is love. So, I’ve been moving this mountain of grief into the valley where the love was. One rock at a time.


I learned in DBT therapy a few years ago that my feelings, though real, may not always be true. For the last few months I’ve spent almost an hour every morning, peeling away the layers surrounding my feelings, to find the truth inside of them. It’s been difficult at times, but this is how IContinue reading “Layers”